Guide: How to import to your own calendar.

When viewing the calendar on the webpage, First select the icon in the bottom right of corner of the calendar. This will open a new tab, this will be your own personal google calendar, it may ask you to login to google if you are not already. A pop up box will then showup, here it will give you the option to subscribe to all calendars, or individual ones. For example if you only only wanted to import the upcoming events onto your own calendar, simply select ADD next to the Events Calendar, then select close.

You can also import singular events from the webpage calendar onto your own. To do this, select the event from the calendar you wish to import, from there you will be given two options "More Details" and "Copy to my calendar", by selecting copy to my calendar it will take you to a separate tab where you can chose to edit information on it and save it onto your own calendar. Editing it here will not effect in on the webpage calendar.

If you ever wish to unsubscribe from the calendars, it is done simply by hitting unsubscribe. To do this, navigate to your own personal Google calendar, from here select the cog icon in the top right, a drop down will appear and from here select settings. Along the top of this page there is a tab called calendars, select this and you will be taken to a page will all your calendars, scroll down to the section ''Other calendars", once here you can choose which individual calendars you wish to unsubscribe from.