Parish Councillors


Richard Camp (Chairman)

“My love affair with Bearsted started in 1998. 8 years later Suzanne, my son and I escaped London and moved to the village, attracted by the traditional feel, with its shops and open spaces that all can share and enjoy. Like any parent my priorities are good schools, and safe spaces for children and adults to play or relax, and the sense of community engendered by events like the Classic car and the Music on the Green. I work in London in adult education, commuting each day by rail. Not surprisingly, transport links are also of interest.”

Richard Ash

“I have served on the Parish Council since 1991 and during that time have been chair of the Council on 2 occasions from 2004 until 2008 and from 2012 until 2015. I have during my time chaired both the Environment Committee and the Finance and General Policy Committee. My address is 14 Hampson Way, Bearsted ME14 4AP. tele. 01622 730151.”

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Geoff Bennett

“I went to great lengths to choose where I moved to seven years ago and I’m delighted that Bearsted came up the winner. It is a wonderful village and I have made some very special friends here. I am a member of the Bearsted and Thurnham Club, the local Golf Club and Chairman of our Tennis Club. I have worked for a local glazing company for over 25 years, currently as Trade and Commercial Manager. I shall do all I can to keep our village the best it can be.” 

Suzanne Camp

“I moved to Bearsted 2006. I loved being able to walk to Thurnham and then Roseacre Schools with my son as he grew up. Now he’s at secondary school I work as a portrait artist, from home. I have worked closely with the Parish Council as the designer of the plaque in commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee, and the Parish also asked me to refurbish the village sign, the image of the cricketer Alfred Mynn. The sign at Roseacre is also my work. I want Bearsted to maintain its community feeling. A place where all who live within the parish boundary benefit from good local amenities, have good job opportunities and a vibrant community feeling.” 

Fabienne Hughes

“French born, I arrived in Bearsted 23 years ago, married Jon, had two children now 19 and 16. Having been brought up in a close knit community, I tried to give my children the same environment to grow up in, local nursery, local schools, local football club, tennis club, dancing at the WI Hall, meet friends, learn to ride a bike on the Green. To me, the Green is Bearsted’s heart and our community should always be encouraged to use it and look after it. I have seen many changes in that time and I feel the Parish Council should protect and develop our community. I would strive to facilitate this.” 

Helena Goodwin

“Born in Kent, I have been a Bearsted resident for over 20 years. Married, with two children who were brought up in the village and are now at University. With over 35 years in the Marketing industry, I currently run my own business. I’m an active Bearsted Tennis club member and strongly care about the village and its community, which has played a major part of our life.” 

John Hughes

“I have lived in Bearsted for 25 years. Have married and raised 2 children here and have encountered problems that affect us all – including the lack of school places, planning issues, litter, traffic volumes and the state of our roads. I believe that a new group of Parish Councillors could help to address some of these issues.” 



Patricia Marshall MBE

  • Moved to Bearsted in 1965, first occupant on Madginford Estate.
  • Founder  member with late husband of  Madginford Residents Association.
  • Borough Councillor representing Bearsted as an Independent  Councillor for over 20 years.
  • Parish Councillor for over 40 years including 8 years as the first Lady Chairman.
  • Founder member and current President of Madginford W.I.
  • A leading campaigner for the provision of the community Hall at Madginford and currently Chairman of the Management Committee.
  • Governor of Madginford Infant and Junior Schools  for over 40 years.
  • President /Secretary and one of the key Organisers of the Bearsted & Thurnham Carnival and Fayre held annually since the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1979 raising thousands of pounds for charities and village amenities/organisations.
  • Elected Mayor of Maidstone 2002  to 2003.
  • Awarded MBE for services to the community in 2006.


24 Madginford Rd,   Bearsted ME 15  8LG   Tel: 01622 738455 

Tony Ryan

“I have lived in Bearsted for 12 years, love the village and am a committee member of the Bearsted & Thurnham Club. I have spent 20 years in the catering and hospitality industry and am a director of an events management company. I love cooking and am a keen sports enthusiast (watching nowadays rather than playing!)” 

Marcel Boonaert

“Having grown up in the suburbs of a small city on the coast of South Africa life was  comfortable with safe places to relax and enjoy the surroundings or be entertained. Moving to London was a different kind of life. Fast paced with a hustle and bustle. Over 10 years in Bearsted brings back those childhood memories, minus the wild animals, unless you count the never ending line of smiling children making their way to the beautiful green to enjoy the annual fair… Being part of the parish council gives me the sense of “giving back” to all the hard work past, and present, councillors have done to enable my wife, son and I to be able to continue enjoying comfortable and safe surroundings. I have worked as an Energy Trader for almost 20 years and recently started my own company to help others manage their energy risk.”

Jonathan Askin

Maidstone Borough Councillors

Denis Spooner (Conservative)

5 Shillingheld Close, Bearsted, Maidstone, ME14 4QA


Telephone No. 01622 631944

Email Denis Spooner


Mike Cuming (Conservative)

60 Madginford Road, Bearsted, Maidstone ME15 8LB


Telephone No. 01622 738825

Email Mike Cumming

Valerie Springett (Conservative)

Cherrybank, Roundwell, Bearsted, Maidstone ME14 4HN


Telephone No. 01622 737702

Email Valerie Springett

Kent County Councillor

Maidstone Rural North
Paul Carter (Conservative)

Leader’s Office, Sessions House, County Hall, Maidstone, Kent ME14 1XQ


Telephone No.  01622 694310

Email Paul Carter