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Pond vandalised

We are sorry to report that some vandalism has taken place at the pond which is most disappointing.

A stake was thrown in and pierced the new liner as well as side boulders being thrown in. We have also had reports that the access platform for the filtration system is being walked on and shingle being thrown in the water. We would ask that people do not stand on this area or throw stones in to the pond.

Repairs to the liner have been successful and the water will be put back to the correct level. Some additional hedges will be planted to prevent access to the filter system and a metal cover installed. We aim to also replenish the bank with some more top soil to grade it steeper which will include additional grass seed.

A permanent sign will be placed by the filter system stating it is forbidden to access this area. We aim to arrange periodic visits to check the pond for debris, filter maintenance and attend to the lilies and other plants.

We now look forward to the pond being allowed to re-establish itself during the spring and summer months for all our residents and visitors to enjoy.