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Support for Clinically Vulnerable

Support for Residents:

Clinically Extremely Vulnerable

Maidstone Borough Council have issued the attached leaflet to residents who are classed as Clinically extremely Vulnerable.

The leaflet contains useful information on priority shopping, helplines and other support, some of which will be applicable to other residents too.

If you are vulnerable and have an urgent need that cannot be met through existing support networks, you can contact the Kent Together helpline via

their website or by calling on 03000 41 92 92.

Covid-19 Support of clinically extremely vulnerable leaflet A5 folded V2
It is a 24 hour service.

The Pond

The Parish Council have had many correspondences from residents questioning why the pond on The Green has been left to empty.

For a long time, the water in the pond has been naturally draining away and been topped up by the tap on the village green as rainwater was not enough to sustain it.  It was felt by the council that this was irresponsible as this not only wasted water but was costing a considerable amount of money.

Over the past six months the Parish Council have been very concerned about the pond and have been researching what is the best course of action. The council have enlisted a number of experts to inspect the pond to provide advice.  This is currently still underway and the council are hopeful to receive recommendations about the action required soon.

This subject will remain an agenda item at the Environment Committee’s meeting until this situation is resolved.