Damage to The Green

It has saddened the Parish Council and residents that the Parish Green has been used by some for the location of barbeques which has resulted in the grass being scorched.  The Parish Council would like to highlight the following By-laws:

5. Prohibited uses include:-

·         Any physical alterations to the Green

·         Wilful damage (i.e. when a person was aware of the risk of damage)

·         Pyrotechnic or the lighting of fires

6. Enforcement

Where a party or parties are proved to have been misusing the Green, creating damage or alteration to its original fabric the Parish Council will deem those persons responsible for unlawful damage and take action for the Green’s repair or reinstatement.  

Those responsible will be expected to pay all subsequent costs in relation to the Green’s repair/reinstatement, and works will be subject to timescales laid down by the Parish Council.  

In some circumstances damage or encroachment may result in criminal proceedings being taken by the Parish Council.  

Should the Council have to carry out its own works in relation to repairs/reinstatement or employ a contractor/individual; all costs incurred will be automatically charged to those individuals responsible for the damage or alteration