Parish Meetings – 2021

When  the UK entered in to the first lockdown local councils were permitted to host it’s meetings virtually thanks to a temporary change in legislation.  It has been   announced that the Government will not allow for meetings to continue this way after the 6th May 2021 and so face-to face meeting will resume. However due to restrictions on community halls, where Parish meetings have  historically been held, there may be the need to reduce the number of meetings due to the  reduced availability of hall space.

Bearsted Parish  Council have decided to enable  our Annual Parish Meeting and our Annual Meeting of the Council, to go ahead we will for the first time hold these virtually. The     Annual Parish Meeting has changed to the 4th May at 18.30 and we invite all residents to attend to hear what has been achieved over the past year and ask any questions you have to Parish Councillors. The Annual Meeting of the Council has been changed to the 5th May at 19.30.

To join the meeting on the 4th May 2021 please use this link:

Meeting ID: 858 1399 6501          Passcode: 883781

To join the meeting on the 5th May please use this link:

Meeting ID: 821 5622 5837          Passcode: 696948

Please note that the Meeting of the Full Council scheduled for the 11th May has been changed to the 5th May 2021.