Tree inspections

Councillors were out this morning with Chris Colwell ,  a resident and an arboricultural consultant who has offered to give his time and expert opinion on works that will soon need to be carried out to some of the trees we have in the Parish.  Our trees have not been looked at for some years and unfortunately there will be some trees that need to be removed at some stage due to them dying , some trees being crowned 2 m which pose a safety issue and some that just require dead branches removed to strengthen growth elsewhere. We will be replanting a number of trees to replace any removed as well as some additional ones for the environment of the village.  Once permissions have been granted by MBC, we shall inform residents the tree works that are to take place in the Autumn as well as the planting of replacements. We very much appreciate Chris Colewell’s help in putting the plan together which has been well overdue.