Do I need Permission?

The government have recently set up a website that covers all areas of planning.  Included on the website is an ‘interactive’ house detailing which aspects of residential development needs permission etc.

To access this information log on to – select the useful tools page and click on householders guide.  This will then open up the house.  Drag your mouse over the area of development you are interested in and it will detail what permission is required, if any.


Planning Consultation

Bearsted Parish Council’s (BPC) Planning Committee meeting dates are published on our website  and  are usually monthly in the latter half of the month to coordinate with Maidstone Borough Council’s (MBC)meetings.

MBC’s planning process incorporates a 21-day period of consultation. Applications can be made at any time and each is published together with the date upon which comment is due. As the consultation period is less than one month, some will inevitably fall due before BPC’s meetings. Such applications can be considered out of committee and routine applications are handled this way, to smooth the planning process and help to provide timely decisions.

Wherever possible, if an application is judged to be contentious, BPC will apply to MBC to extend the date by which comments are due in order to enable consideration in committee.

BPC’s Planning Committee will make reasonable efforts to note comments raised on the MBC planning portal. To ensure that residents’ views can be considered properly, we recommend that comments are registered in a timely manner. Where residents consider that an application is especially contentious, we recommend early comment on MBC’s Planning Portal supported by email to BPC and to the relevant MBC case officer.

If you are interested in any planning applications within Bearsted you can access the details on the Maidstone Borough Council Website:

Maidstone Planning Applications

You will need to search using the application reference number, address or postcode.

If you need any support please contact Bearsted Parish Council and we will be happy to advise.